CE0825A - 2nd year Java programming

Lecture slides

  1. Lecture 1 slides
  2. Lecture 2 slides
  3. Lecture 3 slides
  4. Lecture 4 slides
  5. Lecture 5 slides URL Downloading Exception reporting Open a Help web page SelectionListener
  6. Lecture 6 slides
  7. (Week 7 is Feedback Week: no lectures)
  8. Lecture 8 slides Memory leak JNA MessageBox Animation 1 2 3
  9. Lecture 9 slides Java SQL
  10. Lecture 10 slides JUnit SecureRandom
  11. Lecture 11 slides
  12. Lecture 12 slides Checking email addresses
  13. Lecture 13 slides

Coursework Project

The coursework project details are now available, with information about the marking and submission arrangements.

Lab tasks

Each week's practical work is documented in the labs documentation.

Example content

Note that the first example's code was written for the older Swing UI rather than SWT. Don't worry, you can reuse existing Swing or AWT code inside your SWT application if you need to, as illustrated in the second link.

Reading list

The Deitel book linked below has been revised and updated many times over Java's life. The latest version includes a lot of detail beyond the scope of this course which may be of interest for further reading, in particular JavaFX (Java's latest GUI framework), concurrency and performance on multi-core CPUs and Java NIO (New I/O) for high performance applications, as well as security-specific material. The University Library currently has several older editions of the book in stock as well - the basics of the language haven't changed since the introduction of Generics in J2SE 5 back in 2004, so much of that content still remains relevant today.

For the SWT graphical framework, the best resources are mainly free online ones from the first link.

Any comments, requests or feedback very welcome: j.sutherland@abertay.ac.uk