Presentation Skills

Facilitator: Anne MacNab, Positive Outcomes
Coordinators: Samuel Chinenyeze, Hadi Daneshvar
Location: Western Infirmary Seminar Room 112
Time: 14:15-15:45, day 2
RDF Domain: D2 Communication and dissemination

This interactive workshop session will provide participants with key elements that comprise an impactful and successful presentation, taking into consideration both Academic and other contexts participants are likely to encounter e.g. at interviews.

Anne MacNab is the founder of Positive Outcomes (Scotland). She has a wide range of experience in the delivery of Facilitation, Training and Coaching services that work with individuals and/or teams to help them ‘get moving, and in the right direction’.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Getting your message across: what is the ‘right’ content? what to include/not include?
  2. Presentation Tools: Understand when what tool is most appropriate to use, and the impactful use of PowerPoint.
  3. Managing Nerves: Learning the difference between nerves that disable versus nerves that perform, and learning to understand and manage your symptoms.
  4. Personal impact: personal composition or body language, voice projection and rehearsing.
  5. Questions and Answers: Using Counterargument, and learning to build (and answer) possible questions into your presentation.