Impact Through Engagement Workshop

Time: Day 1, 11:40-13:10

Room: Conference Room 6 & 7, Level 03

Facilitator: Dr Jamie Gallagher, Public Engagement Officer Glasgow University (Research Strategy and Innovation Office)

Co-ordinator: Maria Evangelopoulou

RDF Domain: D


Increasingly researchers are being encouraged to share their work with wider society. This session will look at the benefits that Public Engagement can offer to both the research and the researcher. We will explore creating an engaging narrative around your work and how to deliver this.

This session will explore the topic of Public Engagement with Research. In this session Dr Jamie Gallagher will take you through the key aspects of planning successful Public Engagement. We will explore what makes good Public Engagement and how this can be used to raise your own profile and enhance your research. We will also cover how Public Engagement can be used to develop your skills to increase your employability.

Dr Jamie Gallagher is the Public Engagement Officer for the University of Glasgow, he is also an award winning Science Communicator. He is named as one of the Science Council’s “100 leading practising scientists and is one of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s “Faces of Chemistry”. He has performed science shows to tens of thousands of people around the UK and abroad.

Learning Outcomes

  • Creating an engaging narrative
  • Measuring the success of engagement
  • How and where to start engaging the public with your research
  • Using engagement to enhance your skills and employability