Poster Competition!

Organisers: Yasir Alguwaifli (lead); Ana Ciocarlan; Gibrail Islam; Sarah Thomson; Simone Barlocco;

Please note: you have to print your own poster and bring it with you: we are not printing posters for you! While we recommend you have your poster ready prior to the conference, in the event you need it printed upon arrival in Aberdeen, RGU and Image Print Ltd. are options for this. We do not cover printing costs. The evening before the conference, there will be a drop-off point for posters at the conference accomodation if delegates wish to have their poster put up in advance.

At this session, all delegates are invited to present their research to colleagues from other Scottish Universities. Each submitted poster will be reviewed by academics who are currently working within your research area. All posters will have an opportunity to compete for the Best Poster Award in three different categories: First year, Second year and Third year. There is also a single 'popularity prize' of £50 to the most-liked poster. You also have the opportunity to present a technology demonstration alongside your poster. Delegates can therefore submit a poster, a demonstration, or both. Posters and demonstrations will compete separately.

Submission criteria

Entries will include at most 250 words description or abstract, which will be submitted with your poster or demonstration. You have the full freedom to design your posters as no templates will be provided. However, we do require that posters be printed on A0 size paper these must be portrait only and NOT laminated. Landscape posters will not be accepted/exhibited. Each poster will be assigned a specific space in the exhibition hall that will be announced prior to the event. Also, please note that participants bringing a technology demonstration should bring their own laptop and equipment (including cables). Please note that references (maximum 6) should be included in the poster abstract. The submission can include an appendix of a maximum 3 pages. Appendices may not be considered for reviews but can serve the purpose of clarifying something discussed in the poster abstracts.

Submissions should include:

  • 1 Abstract (maximum 250 words).
  • 1 page A0 poster PDF format.
  • Appendix (maximum 3 pages if applicable).

Submit your poster now here! DEADLINE: 11:59 on 29 May!

Reviewers' Feedback: 20th June 2018.


Our poster review panel will be comprised of experts from the seven SICSA research themes, who will evaluate each poster submission against the defined criteria and give them a score. Each poster will be evaluated by two or three panelists who will be experts in that theme. Please note that the feedback is for your future work only, in that posters should not be changed after the review process. Review feedback will be ready June 13th. Please follow link for SICSA Research Themes.

Poster Categories:

1. First Year Poster

Objective: Students will write an extended abstract presenting background study of his/her research area followed by a research question. Research problem may or may not be very solid but it should be clear enough to judge its merits.

2. Second Year Poster

Objective: Students will write an extended abstract establishing a research statement and describing one or more feasible methods to reach his or her goal. Research statement needs to be clear and solvable.

3. Third Year Poster

Objective: Student will write an extended abstract to describe their PhD research work. It should have a thesis statement followed by a section describing design and methodology. Presentation of results and discussions are highly recommended.

4. Demonstration Category (all years)

Objective: Demonstrable technology (software or hardware) showcasing PhD research work or aspects of it.


Three submissions in each of the four categories will be shortlisted in advance based on reviews. During the conference, a panel will decide the winner in each, who will receive a £40 voucher. The best candidates from each will also have the opportunity to present their poster or demonstration at the final session on Day 2 of the conference. The format for presentations will be announced ahead of the event but duration for each presentation should not be more than 10 minutes.

Each submission will be assessed on the following equally-weighted criteria:

  • Extensiveness of the background study
  • Clarity in the research problem
  • Quality of writing
  • Presentation during the conference