Your PhD - What's next?

Presenters: Dr. Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg (University of Strathclyde); Dr. Stuart Hannah (University of Strathclyde);
Organiser: Simone Barlocco;
RDF Domain: B3 - Professional and career development; D2 - Communication and dissemination;

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This workshop will provide an understanding of the different career options open to postgraduate researchers. The participants will explore some paths they could follow after their PhD. That is, the opportunity of getting a job in the industry and/or working as a contract researcher in academia.

Also, the workshop will focus on how PhD students could take advantage of soft competences, developed during their PhD, such as communication skills, time management and analytical thinking for employment prospects.

Session Outline

  • Part 1 (30 minutes): According to their experience, our speakers will present the possible career options a PhD could have focusing, in particular, on computer science environment.
  • Part 2 (60 minutes): There will be an interactive session so that participants may become familiar with soft skills a PhD student can use in academia and/or in industry. Mrs. Sandra M. Thomson (Deputy Head, Careers Service) and Mrs. Rhona Gibson, Careers Advisor, will assist.

Learning Outcomes

  • LO1: Participants will have an understanding of the different career paths available to them.
  • LO2: Students will be aware of the various types of skills each option requires.
  • LO3: Students will learn how to make the most of their PhD for their future.

Additional Information

Questions are welcome. Personal experience is fundamental, feel free to ask questions to our speakers.

Paper and pens required.